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In Reply to the Two Other Objections on the OFW Bank

This post serves to answer the two other objections raised by the government regulators on the formation of an OFW bank which was pushed by Vice-President Jejomar Binay since late 2010.

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Remittance Is Not the Enemy, Economic Reintegration of Returning OFWs Is

For this post, we get back to the OFW bank issue by offering a sort of brief rebuttal to the first two (2) objections of Bangko Sentral and the Department of Finance on the proposal of Vice-President Jejomar Binay for … Continue reading

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Why We Need a Comprehensive OFW Economic Reintegration Legislation

For today’s post, let’s take a jab once again about policy issues on OFW Economic Reintegration. This gets more compelling at these times when many of our countrymen get repatriated as a result of the simmering conflict in the Middles East and in the aftermath of the Japan super-quake and tsunami.

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A Gadfly’s Proposed OFW Resolution Calling and Urging Congress to Craft Legislation on OFW Economic Reintegration

At the onset of this New Year 2011, it looks tempting once again to set up something like a New Year’s Resolution, a favorite yearly routine we humans do as a testament to our desire for self-improvement and/or our obsession with our own inadequacies.

I certainly do not want to succumb to this temptation of having a New Year’s Resolution for the nth time. But somehow, I love the ring of the word “Resolution” and I don’t want to part with this word so easily. There is a sense of hope, a sense of light, a sense of something that makes one feel good about this word.

With this in mind – and given that I have unabashedly anointed myself as a gadfly on OFW Economic Reintegration issues in my last article “Random Thoughts on Where This Advocacy Blog May Lead To”, I will therefore do something different. I will take this opportunity, to draft a proposed OFW Resolution calling and urging our honorable legislators to craft a bill on OFW Economic Reintegration.

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Random Thoughts on Where This Advocacy Blog May Lead To

As the year 2010 draws to a close and as I get deeper into this seeming quicksand of an activity called blogging, I could not help but take stock and reflect on a lot of things. Something definitely revealing like some sort of epiphany, came up my mind after I wrote the last article “Why We Should Support The Bill Limiting Credit Card Charges.” One cannot seem to take up a serious issue without touching on government policy. Hence, in the coming year, this blog would likely take a bolder stance on issues of investment literacy as they relate to government policy or lack of it. Continue reading

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