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The Scare of the Blue Moon and the Risk You Are Not Prepared to Face

The night was supposed to be a romantic moonlit evening which one could easily connect with the popular song “Blue Moon,” sang by Elvis Presley or by Andy Williams or by a host of other famous singing boys of old.

It was a cloudy evening, a bit not conducive for those who wanted a clear view of the so-called Blue Moon, or the second full moon of the month. Some had a night out, fired up by romantic desires, to explore whatever possibilities the night had to offer.

Many had the shock of their lives.

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The Risk You Are Not Prepared to Take

“In this type of investment, you face far more risks than you may be prepared to take.”

That is a key point in a previous post entitled, “Should You or Should You Not Invest in a Condo Unit”.

Well, that line is actually very much “loaded”. Deep inside I wanted to include in the discussion a deeper risk.

But I held back, fearing that readers may get the impression that I am unnecessarily scaring them. Or that those who have already invested in condominium units will feel bad, and might even curse me for scaring the hell out of them.

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