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The Curse of the Plastic – Why We Should Beware of Credit Cards

Before the effect of the long holiday in the Christian world’s Holy Week finally wears off, let us take up something comparable to a modern day “curse”. Not the kind of curse you normally associate with rituals made by witches, covens and other unsavory characters in the practice of their old profession.

Certainly not the kind of curse perfected during Good Fridays in some dark and isolated caves and where supposed boiling cauldrons of special potions and concoctions are being perfected amidst endless gibberish incantations.

No, Holy Week and the time of rituals and curses is over. But the curse I refer to is a different one and that’s where we turn to.

I refer to the kind of curse that burns the consumers’ pockets like nothing else. I refer to the curse that magnifies the consumers’ being captive to his own impulses and desires.

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